Fresa Bavarian Recipe

The Bavaroise, Bavarian cream or crème bavaroise is a cold dessert that usually wears grenetina and whipped cream to achieve a smooth consistency.


  • 150 g sugar-free whipped cream
  •     250 ml skim milk
  •     1/4 Cup hot water
  •     150 g of liquefied strawberries
  •     15 g cornmeal
  •     1/4-Cup Sucralose
  •     20 g Grenetina
  •     2 buds


  1.      Dissolves the Grenetina in the hot water.
  2.     Dilute the flour and the yolks in the milk. Put it on a low heat.
  3.     Add sucralose, cream and remove from heat. Let him warm up.
  4.     It Incorporates the strawberry puree and moves until it integrates the ingredients in its entirety.
  5.     Empty in a mold and refrigerate.